What And Why Is Need Of Education?


Life is like a water flow it will follow in their own direction but it up to you In which direction you want to follow it. From taking birth and till death every single time spent is up to you.

We are studying from Kg to Graduation only by thinking for the better life and at the end, some get their dream and some are still struggling.

But remember one thing getting an education is not a purpose of getting the job. Because the job is doing by every person and but education it is not a job purpose, education gives us so many precious things like in our learning experience how we learn about helping and sharing with other which makes us a good person and improve our thinking toward good manner.

When we take a birth our parent start deciding our career and start giving education and investing our every single penny in giving the education and their heart full of expectations that one day my child make my dream true.

But what about a child if he failed in making their parent dream and a child start thinking that he is useless because he had not achieved the target of their parent. 

So now what whether their parents hard earned money is wasted and child should go in the corner and cry? No, just close your eyes and with a deep of heart make a determination for achieving the dream of your parent.

First, start believing in your self and get focus on your goal leave your frustration what you have from a long time and make a strong determination toward your goal.



Just start working on your dream with full confidence because when you walking for achieving to your parent dream then God also have to come to make your target achieved, No one stops you. If you want some information about true achieving target just read the story of Nick Vujicic who had achieved the beyond thinking.

So education not just learning it gives full power of deciding the right and wrong. With out education, we cannot determine any purpose of life, I know that illiterate people also can do this thing but there is a huge difference in thinking and working. Sorry, I am not insulting who are not educated but my dear friend education gives us a power of thinking in quick and right direction.

I know that money is the final destination for life survival but my dear friend I just tell you that money is just a few product which comes and goes away anytime. So don’t just think about money do the right thing in the right direction you will definitely get the success.

My dear friend I hope this post will just help you in over come to your frustration and start working on your dream. If you like this post just show your love by sharing this post with your friend and comment below what you think about.

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