Loneliness Is Like A Snake Bite Poison

I will start from the beginning of our life when we take a birth. Birth and Death is the nature rule which is running from the beginning of the world. But after the birth, there is the only two person who starts caring from every situation and they are Our Parent’s and God. While God is invisible so the blessings of God we cannot see but after the God, our parent is only who saved and take care of every situation.

From our birth, he takes care of every thing what we want. They work hard for giving us best education, best life style, best healthy meals.

In short, they are the creator of your life who just given their whole life for making your great and better life.


So my dear friend after they reach the old age please spent time with them because at the old age they don’t want anything from you but just want some time from you. 

As we are always busy In our life to grow yourself at the same time yourself parent life also grow toward old age so please look at them because their blessing will make you success within the short time.

In short time you will grow to the next level where you had not thought also.

Every time their old eyes looking for you like you will come and seat after them for talking and the moment you spent your time in giving happiness to your parent I really tell you that moment is the great and best moment of your life which is unforgettable.

So my dear friend doesn’t alone your parent mix with them and sees the happiness will be on your feet and you will start thinking that how it happened, you will get surprised.

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