How To Keep Our PC Healthy And Fast

Keep PC healthy

Working on PC is very common for us but on the other hand, performance is very important for the PC like human are not able to work without health. We just install the OS and required software and start working on it and when the PC performance slows down at that time we are thinking that why my PC is working so slow.

If you trying to keep your PC smoothly but sometimes it feels like an impossible task to do. Over time, it is almost not
possible to prevent unsavory software and other files or folder from infiltrating a Windows PC it regardless of how careful a user you may be. There are too many ways for this junk to seep its way in.

Only regular maintenance and also a bit of effort, however, t is possible to keep Windows system relatively clean and also performing at its peak one. Some of the important point we’re going to cover here but all these tips come in quite handy for all casual users.

The first point I want to introduce is to update policy.

Keeping all your software updated which can help your plug security holes and optimal performance.



Vulnerabilities in very common for Windows and many popular applications. To avoid the possibility of such vulnerabilities exploited on your system, it is important to keep our OS and all of your applications patched and also up to date and If you have not set Windows to automatically update, so for you do now by opening the System->Security settings in the control panel and then clicking Windows Update at the bottom left of the window, and after that clicking on the Change Settings option and set automatically updates.

Clean the junk

pc clean

There are many of utilities available for ridding a PC of junk like CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti Malware and the third handy tool is a Windows’ own built-in Disk Cleanup utility tool.It is not better as considering but still running Disk Cleanup utility is a good way to claim some disk space, which may be helpful on low capacity hard disk where every GB is more precious.


Right-click on C drive, choose Properties from the menu and then click the Disk Cleanup button. Select all checkbox which you want to delete and then click on delete button and wait for some time it will delete all the unnecessary files and folders.

Disable unnecessary startup items

When we install our required software in some software there is in-built service for start an application at PC starts up. But for our convening, we don’t require that software every time.

C cleaner

So find the application which we not required every time disable its start option using either from windows setting or using C Cleaner tool. You can download from here and It will help in boost you startup OS and performance.

Uninstall unwanted applications

From the beginning of the installation of OS we install much software and many of them we not using and this unwanted software also taking the space in the ram due to this our performance gets slow.

PC UnIstall

There are many tools available but I recommend PC Decrapifier which show you what is installed on your PC and give a facility to delete in just few click.

Only you have to scan the PC and check mark the app and click on next button to uninstall.

There is another way to uninstall the program is going to control panel and click on uninstall program select the application and click on the unistall option.

I hope you had enjoyed this article so keep sharing this post with your friend and help them to maintain their PC Clean and Fast.


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