Ever Green Android Launcher For Your Smartphone

A launcher is the best part of the smartphone. If you are looking for best android launcher so it the fantastic option to choose from below. A launcher is the first thing you see when you press the home button. So let us find out how to make it optimum for your usage.

A launcher is the first impression you see when we press the home button. So let find out how to make this optimum for your usage. Launcher help in design your home screen which look and feel is better than default inbuilt launcher. Android has given best facility for changing and choose best home screen design over iOS

Those who don’t know about launcher they can learn more about here. A launcher is home screen application which changes our home screen design and gives us power for customization.

Here Below I am giving best launcher which is ever green for every Android Smartphone i.e from lower to higher end mobile.

Best Android custom Launchers for every Smartphone:

  • Buzz Launcher


This launcher is for those who want does not want much customization but want only experience the best look and feel. It provides to choose many verities of designed skin which make more enhance your experience of using the launcher and very easy to use.

So change your boring launcher and make your smartphone better look and feel for a better experience and make enjoy to your finger. 

If you want this launcher then just install from below download button.

Download Buzz

  • Nova Launcher


This is one of the oldest launcher but good for a low-end smartphone. It is very fast launching speed application and if you want to customize without too many hassles. It provides customization with minimum performance impact which makes fast to launch the app menu.

It has many features like drawer, icon pack support, backup and restores layout, themes changing, setting and also some premium feature like custom app drawer group gesture support, all unread notification count and much more, so go through it and enjoy the another world of look and feel by using it.

If you want this launcher then just install from below download button.
Download Nova 


  • Action Launcher 3


This is one of the best and most used launchers through out the world. Action Launcher 3 is surely trying. It has many cool features like widget drawer and slide-out app, swipe-across widget preview, customized search bar,  it also gives you a unique feel in its own way.

It matches with our latest Android OS as smooth as better and can also update all rolled out updates very easily in one click and give you better look and feel

If you want this launcher then just install from below download button.
Download Action

Lightning Launcher


This launcher is not so popular because being very simple looking appearance. It gives customization for moving and scaling icon anywhere on the screen, also provide the innumerable amount of home screen, widgets integration, and much more feature.

The best part of this launcher it supports from low-end Android OS i.e from Android 2.2 version. It is very light weight so it is a negligible weight on you CPU part.

If you want this launcher then just install from below download button.
Download Lightning


Yahoo Aviate Launcher


This launcher gives powerful customization. It feels like a personal assistant like it providing you robotic features. It provides new layout to your screen and it intelligently sorts the apps into a category and also provides A to Z drawer for all apps.

It has a simple but good look and feels.

If you want this launcher then just install from below download button.
Download Yahoo Aviate

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