Best Way To Run All Android Application On Desktop

android application As Android apps playing the master stroke in the world due to their interface and flexibility. Also, it is a free platform to use. Millions of apps are free to use.

Android apps using on smartphone giving the best experience. But many of the people want to use their Android apps on the desktop.

We can use these Android apps using an emulator and many companies are making their own emulator for using Android apps.

In the market, there are many emulators but I find Remix OS Player is one of the best emulators due to their many functionalities.

Just experience your favorite apps on the big screen on the desktop.

You can just download this emulator

Step to install Remix OS Player

First of all right click on the setup, you will see the below screen.

just select the path where you want to extract this setup. Here I am selecting E: drive you can select your choice and then click on OK button.



Note: There is no more to install this setup just extract it and start using directly by just running the .exe which you have extracted. After extraction completed up to 100% than below screen popup.


Here you can see the advance setting check box. After check box checked you will see the below option in the screenshot below. You can select screen resolution as you want.


After selecting resolution click on start button. You will see the below screen giving some message and wait for some time.

Note: On below screen wait for some time. It takes some time to initiate.



After some time you will be promoted on below screen. Select your language, I am selecting English.


After selecting the English language and then click on agree on a button.

Just follow the next button you will get your home screen. The home screen looks like a windows screen. Click on left button corner icon.

Just check all the default application install you can uninstall unwanted apps if you want.

Here below if you can see default apps installed like Facebook, Chrome.

You can install any apps directly from the Google Play Store. Here I install WhatsApp directly from Play store.



In below screenshot you can see the WhatsApp I am running in the RemixOSPlayer.

You can run many apps simultaneously on the same screen. Only the important things are that you have big RAM for running the apps smoothly.


RemixOSPLayer giving the best experience and enjoy your apps on the bigger screen. 

In the market, there are many paid emulator if you want then you can buy it and use it.

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