Best Alternative For WhatsApp – WeChat

WhatsApp had launched in 2009 and become most popular chat app in the world due to their smart interface user get addicted to using it. In the market, many other apps also available like BBM, iMessage, Viber, WeChat, SnapChat etc. But the new app launched in the market with the same feature and with more option which is more flexible like WhatsApp. The new app is “WeChat”. Because message becomes the most powerful platform to interact with text and nowadays it is ruling in the world and WeChat always updating their feature for giving more interface and more feature to their user like WhatsApp.

Today I will talk about a feature of WeChat and why WeChat becoming the best alternative for WhatsApp.

We are living in a generation where many people don’t like to talk much in front of you and phone the only medium where we can express our matter very well. So there is very much competition in the market to make their app more flexible to show our feeling. So the developer is always trying to build an app smarter than WhatsApp.

Some of the feature I am disclosing here.

1) Group messaging

Group chat

We all are making our own group for friends and also business purpose. We know that WhatsApp giving the facility to add up to 30 members in one group. Same like WeChat also giving the option to make group up to 40 members. Yes, it is very small extra but it is good at least nothing. In WeChat the is a good facility of QR code. Group chat can be started via QR code which we can email to our 40 members to join in and start chatting. Ans also it comes with any built in sticker and emotions for show our expression.

2) Video chat

video chat

As chatting with text is a good option but sometimes it required to talk face to face. WeChat offers many facilities like sending the picture, videos, audio, contacts, etc and now it also has introduced one of the best features is video calling. We can chat live face to face just like google hangout. So I think it is great to talk live without wasting money on a video call on sim card service provider.

3) Emoticons Art


It is the great feature and more attractive to way to show our emotion without typing it in the chat. We are always in hurry to type and sometimes while typing we make a spelling mistake in the chat. So for show your emotion to your partner in quick you can use best graphic emotion built in feature in WeChat. Also, you can take any image and convert it in emotion and send it to partner.

4) Integration with Social Network 

WeChat is also you social tool. It can support social integration and you can link the app to Our Facebook profile.

It is not just IM but it is a lot more than that.

5) Chat history backup

Now we can get the facility to backup and restore all the chat in one click. In backup option, there are many options like we can backup our selected friend chat just by selecting them in the setting and in the same way we can restore also. We can also set the password to our chat backup history.

Ahh… there is much more option in WeChat I cannot explain all of them because when I explain you all you will start reading all of them. Why you are waiting just download WeChat and start using all the feature and enjoy.

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