5 Software Must Install On Your PC

Like Life is impossible without the food, In the same way, a computer is impossible without the software. We always download new software from the internet and taking the full use of that software. 

Today I will give a suggestion for 5 software which you must install on your computer so that when you required you use them without wasting the time.

5 software which you must install on your computer

1. Antivirus 

We always work on the internet and for our purpose, we are downloading many things like images, file, video, audio etc. But we should know that on the internet there is much more computer virus is spread and when we download any thing it may be the chance that virus enters in your PC and destroy your file.

There are many verities of virus like Melissa, Sasser, Zeus, Mydoom etc. We always think that virus can do nothing but my dear friend It is my personal experience the virus can destroy your complete hard disk, OS and even files also.

So If you have not installed the antivirus till now so please install it now. There are many Antivirus software present in the market like Avast, Net Protector, Quick Heal etc.


2. PC Remoting Tool 

We always interact with our friend or business partner on the internet and sometimes we face problem while working and we want to give our file live to our partner to solve the issue. In my personal experience, Team Viewer tool is one of the best tools for remoting purpose. If you do not have team viewer just download from here and check out this article how to install Team Viewer. There is much more for remoting tool the market but I find team viewer is best due to its compatibility.


3. Folder Compression Tool 

Sending the file on the internet is very common to anybody. When we want to send a file on the internet we use a medium like WhatsApp, Team Viewer, Email etc. But sending a file with the big size it takes much time for transfer.

So for time-consuming, we should use compression tool. The best and simple compression tool which people are always used is Winrar Software.

Winrar is the best tool for compress anything. It give us two format compression i.e in .rar or .zip extension. Both options are supported on the internet.


4. Audio and Video Compression tool

We enjoy our time with audio and video and we always want to keep our favorite audio and video on our PC. But audio and video take more space to store. If you want to reduce our PC space we always compress our audio and video.

Important point: Use the compression software which does not affect the quality of the audio and video so use the best quality software.


5. PC Health Tool

At the end of the day when we shut down our PC, there may be many garbage file like dump file, temporary file etc. So to keep our PC healthy I mean free from hanging use some PC health tool. 

My suggestion for PC health tool is C Cleaner. C cleaner is one of the best light weight software which clean unwanted file from our PC and keep our PC clean and healthy. 

Let comment below for any best tool from your suggestion.

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