3 Ways To Save Battery Power On Android Devices

save battery power A smartphone is very important for daily life routine and Android platform has given much more power to the Android user. Android OS is very much popular and very easy to use i.e it is much more user-friendly so we can say that Android OS is complete OS for every smartphone. The Android platform also giving much availability of much free quality apps on Google Play Store.

Everything is fine but only one problem is facing every Android user is battery life. This is the only issue where Andriod facing many problems for every Android user. Nowadays software and hardware company working together to solve this battery issue. Hardware company is creating a battery which is compatible with the Android OS. 

Many of the smartphones have lunches like Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. But when we talk in a general way for other Android phones it is the serious issue. 

Here I am giving some tips by following which you can save your battery power and save for a lasts longer compared with other.

Use the power saving mode



The power saving mode is the best option given in the smartphone, when we turned on, it makes the main use of your resources and thus helps in decreasing the consumption of the smartphone battery. So a lot of battery power is saved when we turning on the power saving mode and you can save the battery of your Android phone.

Always keep your phone on power saving mode which will help in saving the life of the battery.

Adjust your screen brightness



We are not looking at the brightness of the screen means when there is not use of bright screen we should reduce the brightness up to the optimum level so that it can save some amount of battery. Nowadays smartphone is coming with the large display, large display means consuming more battery. So if we have not optioned than adjust the brightness. When we are using a smartphone in dark room at that decrease the brightness up to level on which you are comfortable. So use the display options cleverly, you can save a big amount of battery power.

Setting screen timeout


Screen timeout is setting given for switched off the display when our phone is not in use. So, set this time to the best value possible. This setting also playing a big role in saving the battery power.

In the market, many paid software are available for saving the battery you can use that also.

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