2 Ways For Creating Attractive Images For Your Blog

As a blogger If you are facing a problem in creating images for your blog then you are on right place. 

Today I will give you simple but best tip for creating an awesome image which you can use on your blog for a better result for your reader understand. As Image is the best visualization part for the reader as It makes more interesting for the reader to understand.

Blogging is such a profession in which word says the everything but the reader gets bored by looking many words in the article so for making interesting blogger must use some attractive images so that reader does not get monotonous.

Before moving forward let us first know that in the market there are many tools available but all they are paid and not so much effective. Here I will introduce 2 best methods by using you can create your dream image I mean more and more attractive as you want.

2 best method for creating awesome images

1. Canva

As Canva is the most popular online tool for creating any type of image design as imaginative you can. This tool can help for everybody as a blogger or creative content writer.

This Canva gives so many templates for making any type of image like the Facebook post, YouTube Thumbnail, YouTube Channel art, social media, twitter, Book cover, Resume, Instagram post and much more.


As If have many other facilities also like after making our image we can save in many different formats like 

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • JPG

As you started thinking why PDF, because it also gives us the facility to create PDF Slide using this PDF slide user may create their slide for business work also. 

It has many pre built template some are free and some are paid. But we don’t require paid template because the free template is enough for us.

Canva also gives facility to store our created image on Canva account so that we can use it later when we required. You can signup Canva account either using your Gmail account or using your Facebook account. You can also direct signup on Canva.

2. MS Power Point

It is the second best method for creating a good image. As we know that Power Point is the best software for creating presentation slide and we know that we can create any design if you are familiar with the Power Point.

In Power Point, we can draw any image using in built shape such as drawing tool. It also has many In built templates for background design. 

As it is offline tool Microsoft has given many more convening way to create better design and save this design in many formats. It also gives facility to save our design in PNG and JPG format.

In previews version, this image save format facility was not there. But coming to the version after MS2010 It all supported image save format facility.


Step for creating image in Power Point

  • Just open new power point file.
  • The design you template using Inbuilt or you can create a custom design using all the tool given in the Power Point.
  • After design complete Go to Save button, Select location and select file format in the drop down a .jpg format.
  • Click on save
  • Your image is ready for use.

Important Point: You can also create some type of infographic here using all the tool available and use that infographic in the blog for a better result.

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